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If you’re looking for a credit card that offers great cash back, the AB Cashback Credit Card is definitely worth considering. Although there was some devaluation of benefits six months ago, this card remains one of the most popular cashback options available today.

I’ve been using this card for almost a year now, alongside other premium credit cards, and it has proven to be a reliable choice. Initially, I received the card for free, with no joining fees. Now that the renewal date is approaching, I find myself facing the same dilemma as many others: should I renew this card? Is it really worth it?

In this video, my goal is to offer you a solution to this dilemma. Whether you’re a new credit card user looking to pay a ₹10 membership fee or someone considering the renewal fee, I’ll help you determine if AB’s Cashback credit card is worth the investment.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s quickly go over the advantages of this credit card:

  • You can use this credit card for online purchases anywhere, through the Across the Cy website or app.
  • When you use the card offline, you always receive ₹1 cashback.
  • By combining your online and offline transactions, you can earn a total cashback of up to ₹5,00,000.

The best part is that this cashback is not limited to specific partner brands or apps. You can enjoy 5% cash back on various popular sites and apps, making this credit card extremely valuable. There are a few exclusions, such as payment of utility bills, insurance, NPS, rent, and fuel. However, there are also lesser-known sites where you can still earn cashback using the AB Cashback credit card.

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Now let’s address the main concern: renewal fees. While the fee of ₹80 (plus GST) may seem significant, it pales in comparison to the benefits you can enjoy. If you can recoup the fee, which is around ₹22, by making online transactions totaling ₹2,000 per year, then the renewal fee is no longer a problem.

However, it’s crucial to consider how often you use other credit cards to receive specific benefits on certain sites. If you already use AB’s Cashback credit card, you can easily track your cashback earnings by accessing the app. From there, you can determine if the renewal fee is worth it based on your total cashback earnings.

Ultimately, this credit card is very beneficial, especially for those who do not have access to super premium credit cards like ADAC Effia. If your monthly expenses exceed ₹5,00,000 and your expenses are less than ₹50,000, AB Cashback Credit Card is a top choice. It outperforms other credit cards by offering true cashback on all sites, without having to worry about specific cashback offers.

The process of applying for this credit card has also become much simpler. Earlier it was difficult to get approval but now you can apply instantly through SBI’s Sprint portal. Simply click on the link provided in the description to apply online. After completing the KYC video, you will receive an e-card with your card number, expiration date and CVV, allowing you to start using it immediately.

In conclusion, the AB Cashback credit card is an excellent choice, especially for beginners. With its generous cash back rewards and ease of application, it provides a valuable credit card experience. If you are interested in applying, feel free to click the link in the description and start enjoying the benefits today.

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The Best Cash Back Credit Card for Beginners